Why 4/20 is 4/20 – All Rumors and Theories about ‘Weed Day’

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Why 4/20 is 4/20 – All Rumors and Theories about ‘Weed Day’

There are a number of days celebrated all around the world. Some hold prominence for being birthdays of famous people and others death days. However the 20th of April, happens to be the ‘Weed Day’. You might think the date is allotted because some sort manufacturing of marijuana or cannabis that took place today; instead it is so due to far different reasons than what we might think. For one, it is clear that the term 4/20 happens to be some sort of code for smoking weed. So here are the different theories behind the reason why 4/20 is 4/20

The California Penal Code

Rumor has it that 4/20 is linked with the California Criminal Codes used for punishing and penalizing people that distribute, smuggle or use marijuana and cannabis. Later, it was configured that the specific 420 penal code is actually for prohibited entering on public land.

The Police Radio Code

Others think that it’s a police radio code used for marijuana possession, but in truth, the code refers to something like a ‘juvenile disturbance’. It’s satisfying to know that the police didn’t come up with something as cool as the secret code 4/20 for smoking weed.

The Rainy Day by Bob Dylan

Although this is also not 100% accurate, there is still some sort of connection that exists. So here goes, in the song, there’s this line “Rainy day Women #12 and #35” and if you multiply the two numbers you get 420, Coincidence? I think not. Furthermore, there’s a lyric which is pretty clear by what it means- “Everybody must get stoned”. Although this might just be a case of going way too deep, personally I think Bob Dylan was making a ‘reference’ and so he’s actually not the founder of this code 4/20.

The Waldos Theory

This happens to be the most believed and credible reasons of why the date 4/20 is associated to smoking weed. It so happened that back in the 1970’s a group of students from San Rafael High School referred to themselves as Waldos because they met at a ‘Wall’. The 4/20 was a code used among the Waldos for communicating their time of smoking marijuana i.e. 4:20 pm. How insanely cool is that? I mean 20th April (4/20) at 4:20 pm at the Wall, clearly, an essence of genius resided among those fellows; Maybe it was because of the weed?

So whatever theory you might consider personally being true, there is no doubt in the fact that 4/20 is ‘Weed Day’- so go and get together with your gang either high up on a wall or down below on the ground and have a highly good time and become the Waldos of today. What happened years ago in the high of something, has today become the official reason to become high because of something. And if you’re going to smoke weed on 4/20, do it the right way- on a Wall and pay tribute to the Waldos (you know at what time!)

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