Where Has The Vape Shop Gone?

Posted by Michael Ober on

Even though in the prime of vape shops many people still chose to purchase their premium vape juices from online retailers, mainly for the cheaper prices, but vape shops were still prospering. The vape shop conveniently offered assistance which many people needed. Do to the short amount of time vaping has been around and the technology behind it constantly evolving people took to vape shops for assistance in assembling and any other questions they may have. A good portion of their business came from this. Though they may only charge $5 to string up your vape local vape shops in our area claimed to be modifying around 100 vapes a day. That comes out to some good money for simple repairs to mechanical mods. Unfortunately the FDA banned the shops from making such repairs claiming it was unsanitary and dangerous however far people have injured themselves trying to do it on their own now that the professionals can no longer assist you. Along with that you may no longer sample e-juices before purchasing them, a big blow to the stores, the logic behind this decision was "you cannot go into a liquor store and sample cigarettes. While that may be true the products share nearly no similarities other than the tag of being a tobacco product. Finally, and the biggest blow to the vape shops was the banning of in house made e-juice. Majority of people were happy with premium e-juices but those who thought they could be made a little better often had them made custom by the shops. Unfortunately the FDA claims that many shops over proportioned the nicotine in their house made juices causing people to get sick. Instead of shutting it down completely maybe more clear/strict guidelines could have solved such problems? We may never know, however, we do want to hear your opinions on the matter and how these laws have effected you.

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