What Is Saltnic?

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What Is Saltnic?

One of the most recent innovations in the vaping industry is Saltnic, otherwise known as nicotine salts. More people are now starting to use nicotine salts for vaping rather than e-liquids because they feel that they improve their experience and satisfy their nicotine cravings more effectively. Here, we look at what saltnic is, why it is becoming so popular and who may want to try it.

Why Are People Using Nicotine Salts?
When standard e-juices are made, they use something called “freebase” nicotine in their production. This has a nicotine level of approximately 3-6mg, and as a result, vapers with strong nicotine cravings may not find e-liquids very satisfying when compared with regular tobacco cigarettes.

Conversely, saltnic has a much higher nicotine level of about 50mg. This means that vapers can enjoy a higher strength of nicotine without the harsh throat hits that are experienced when vaping e-liquids at a higher temperature to maximize the nicotine consumption.

Should I Try Saltnic?

Although some vapers are happy with their experience when vaping with standard e-liquids, others still crave more nicotine. If you’re new to vaping and are making the switch in an attempt to quit smoking for good, you may benefit from trying nicotine salts since you’ll be able to get a higher strength of nicotine but without any harshness on your throat. Nicotine salts can deliver nicotine right into your bloodstream in a much more effective and speedy way than regular e-liquid and this gives you a nicotine rush which is better able to curb cravings rapidly. One thing to note about saltnic, however, is that you can’t use it with a high wattage vaping device since the amount of nicotine delivered will be too high.

Are There Any Other Benefits Of Saltnic?

As well as being better able to curb nicotine cravings and possibly helping you to give up smoking more easily, there are a few other benefits to trying saltnic. Firstly, you won’t need to vape so much to get the required amount of nicotine, so you can save on vape juice. Also, the low wattage vaping device which are required to vape nicotine salts are easy to use, making them an ideal choice for beginners. As low wattage vaping device produce fewer clouds, they’re perfect for discreet public vaping and with both open and closed vaping systems available, you can even choose a device which uses pods for no refilling mess or hassle.

The Pros And Cons Of Saltnic

There are many advantages of vaping saltnic including:

  • A smoother throat hit
  • Less vape liquid consumption
  • Long shelf-life for your vaping material
  • Much higher strength of nicotine
  • Cheaper than smoking tobacco


Are There Any Disadvantages?
Although saltnic is a good choice for a lot of people, there are some things that might deter some people from using it.

  • Nicotine salts can’t be used for sub-ohm vaping so cloud chasers won’t find saltnic satisfying
  • Less flavorsome due to the low wattage required
  • For people who are satisfied with a lower level of nicotine, saltnic may be too strong


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