Is It Possible To Vape Liquid Other Than E-Liquid?

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Is It Possible To Vape Liquid Other Than E-Liquid?

Personal experiences may be explored in case of vaping of e liquids. It has been experienced that vaping of e liquids are most enjoyable and safe. No health risk or any modes of other risks are involved. Any other liquid may be used instead of e liquids but the liquids may not be compatible with the device and when inhaled, it may cause lungs injury or any other health diseases. If the liquids are alcohol based, then it may cause a fire. So, e liquids are safe and risk-free. E-liquid is combined with 5 ingredients. The ingredients are as follows:

  • VG Vegetable glycerine- this is the base of juice with 80- 90 %
  • PG Propylene glycol –this is the solvent in all cases
  • Flavor -10 -20%
  • Nicotine 0-2.4 % depending on the nature of choices
  • Distilled water to make the liquid as dilute

You can do e-liquid or e juice on your own. Only thing, you have to hold basic knowledge.

The Pros Of Vape Juice

If you are planning to take vape juice, you will get several advantages. First, vape juice does not provide any kind of smell whereas smoking provides smell always. If you daily vape, it does not create any kind of health issue. If you want to leave the smoking, you can try vape, you feel better. It will also save the money as well. So, you can try this new version of the alternative smoking element which makes you feel happy and better. Stay healthy always with the vape!

It’s All About The Vapor Juice

In the electronic cigarettes, the liquid is inserted or smoke juice is inserted. When the juice is inhaled, it turns to the vapor form. This form of vapor is termed as vapor juice. It contains main 4 ingredients like VG, PG, nicotine, and flavor. This type of cigarette has got lesser health risks than tobacco. Here liquid inside the e-cigarettes is inhaled and is transformed into the vapor state. Other; liquids may be used for vaping. But, no other liquid may be treated as safe as VG and PG. VG and PG create the base of e liquids. It is clear that all sorts of liquids cannot be vaped in the vaporizers. So, ultimately, the main purpose is lost. It is clear that the device maintains a certain temperature to vaporize the e liquids. But, the liquids other than e liquids may not be vaporized at that certain temperature. And, further, the alcohol-based liquids may catch fire.

Difference Between E-Cigarettes And Vape

PG or Propylene Glycol is used in e-cigarettes to distribute the flavors. It is used for essence. VG or vegetable glycine is a thick liquid based on vegetables.VG and PG together make the content as 90% and the rest 10% are made up of flavor and nicotine. A vape is a personal vaporizer and it holds a small computer to control the amount of liquid, thickness, and properties. E-cigarettes contain nicotine in traces and also it may be limited as per personal choices. So, try this e cigar and make your life smooth and comfortable.

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