E-Juice Vape Hits ECC Ontario

Posted by Adam Abufarie on

When deciding to launch our very own vape website the question of what brands to sell and carry became a big one very early on and truthfully we had no idea what to carry and what to not. The big companies are here to stay of course, but we wanted to deliver new, exciting, and tasty products to the vape community for a great price as well. That being said in the beginning of February we packed our bags and headed to The Electric Cigarette Convention or ECC in Ontario to search for all the names in the e-juice world we should be on the prowl for. We tried tons of new juices from the Stumps line by Charlie's Chalk Dust to the Heritage line by The Vaping Rabbit and quite literally hundreds more. After spending the entire weekend talking to customers, merchants and suppliers themselves , we came out with an inventory line up that highlights the classic brands and flavors but is constantly being improved with new flavors and brands that are unique and will blow our mind, but only carrying the ones we feel good enough to bring to you. We have decided to attend every convention from here on out in search of the newest products and brands to keep our selection diverse and plentiful. Attending ECC was an all around amazing experience not just as a company but as individuals to meet and talk with all the loyal and passionate vapors who make the vaping community grow and prosper. We thank you and hope to see you at the next convention.

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