All About Vaping: Juice, Effects, Ingredients, Laws, and Bans.

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All About Vaping: Juice, Effects, Ingredients, Laws, and Bans.

Personal vaporizers and box mods are very popular these days. But it’s mention worthy that vape juice or e-juice are rising parallel with them. If you’re not familiar with the term; have no fear. All I will tell you is to cut all your misconceptions on such liquid and give the details a fair read.

Firstly, ‘e-juice’, ‘vape juice’ or ‘e-liquid’, are all same. All are used in describing the same thing. Now let’s get to the details.

What is ‘e-juice’, ‘vape juice’ or ‘e-liquid’?

The fluid used in vaporizers and personal electronic cigarettes is called e-juice or vape juice. This is the fluid that creates the actually the vapor. It is made up of original nicotine but can be made nicotine free as per choice.

How does it work with the vaporizer?

What happens is, the vaporizer heats the e-juice up which produces the vapor that you inhale. The range of temperature lies in between 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit which transfers the liquid to vapor.

What is the e-juice/vape juice made of? Is it safe?

The juice is actually a mixture of water, food flavoring, nicotine level of your choice or zero nicotine, vegetable glycerin and PG (propylene glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerin).

Of course, it is. The food flavoring is the same used in beverages or pastries. The chemicals? Let me tell you, propylene glycol is an organic substance that helps in spreading the flavoring all over the liquid. It is also used in vanilla extracts and in various cough syrups. The glycerin? It is a vegetable based glycerin (as per the name is concerned) which has a thick sweet taste. It is mainly used to make the liquid thicker.

Effects of labeling laws on the manufactures.

Recently, many USA vape companies have been banned for the labeling laws by the government. They claim that the manufacturers are not using the same amount of ingredients as written on the label. More specifically, the FDA just recently issued regulation forcing manufacturers to put a warning label highlighting the negative effects of nicotine. This waring label has tcover at least 30% of each bottle the manufacturer ships out to distributors. Another reason to ban this is, almost all the teens of the USA and other countries are Vaping. Though it is not harmful like old traditional cigs, the vape liquids are being used with high nicotine content.

The key to run the business without caring an inch is by being honest. Be true in using and putting the right amount of chemical and nicotine in the liquid.

Effects on customers

Well, tbh, this thing is not clear till now; or maybe it is. The main point is, many people started taking e-cigs because they are less harmful in compared to traditional cigs or are willing to leave cig addiction. In this case, I would give a yes since this group of people will switch back to the old tradition thereby increasing the bad sides. On the other hand, I would say it is banned for good since the teens were getting addicted to smoke. Everything has an age; one cannot start everything right after their birth.

The price range of the liquid

The price ranges from $9.99-$25.99. However, prices might be subject toa n increase due to the additional manufacturing costs on the companies that make vape juices. However, this is just speculation and we will have to wait and see what happens to the vaping industry.


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